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Welcome to Aureus
Specialty Pharmacy.

Aureus Specialty Pharmacy has over 20 years experience helping patients, families, and medical professionals cope with and treat a wide range of chronic or severe health conditions.

Aureus is here for you.

Aureus, a Meijer Specialty Pharmacy, is making a difference in the lives of people living with a chronic or severe illness. Our caring team of pharmacists, nurses and clinicians are here to answer all your questions. We treat our patients like they are family. Our Care Teams have the clinical expertise and patient-first approach to help you get the treatment you need as fast and as straight forward as possible.

Patients & Caregivers

Patients & Caregivers benefit from Aureus’ comprehensive pharmacy support services including benefits assistance, compliance management including custom medication packing options,drug education and training,and medication delivery.

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Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals need a specialty pharmacy that will help alleviate the burden associated with prescribing expensive medications. Aureus goes above and beyond by providing services including prior authorization support and patient education and compliance management.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers need a pharmacy healthcare partner that can do more than just distribute drugs. Extensive data collection and reporting, inventory management, patient compliance programs and other services make Aureus a critical partner for products, pre- and post-approval.

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